Our Story

Thank you for spicing up your life with us.

PeppersArt is Norwegian brand/company, which plunges into the ocean of traditional craftwork from around the world while maintaining the classic silhouettes of contemporary Scandinavian design.

Our inspiration

Is from the time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.

Our vision

Is to build a spicy connection between local artisans on one hand and the aficionados of handicraft jewellery and unique designs lovers on the other.
Our future is ordinary people, our tradition and our planet. For us the key for understanding the future is one word – Sustainability.

And we care about our future!

Now, Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.
It’s about doing more good!
PeppersArt does not look for a retro look – PeppersArt is using the past to project it into the future.