Silver necklace with Purple Tourmaline
Silver necklace with Purple Tourmaline

Silver necklace with Purple Tourmaline

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This silver necklace brings you elegant minimalist spice to any look.

In combination with Purple Tourmaline stone has unique and lovely design.


  • This silver minamalistic necklace is Unique designed. 
  •  Handcrafted
  • It's long-lasting and durable.
  • No rust. Lead free. Nickel free.
  • It's for sure allergy free!
  • Wear it with confidence. 
  • Perfect for gift to someone who loves unique and special pieces.
  • Purple Tourmaline has an incredibly serene energy. Like all Tourmaline, it is deeply grounding and protective, however Purple Tourmaline takes that deep security even further and grounds it deeply into the Earth beneath us, then raises it through each chakra all the way into the upper Crown. Purple tourmaline is said to be a soothing, protective gem that frees the wearer from emotional attachments. Multi-colored tourmaline is significant for its support in the development of self-confidence and understanding of one's path.


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